Natalia Sanchez was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in 1992. After graduating high school, on the basis of very impulsive decisions, she left everything she'd ever known behind. From the small Caribbean island she moved to Columbus, Ohio, where she graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in May of 2015, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a Minor in Art Therapy.

Natalia Sanchez is interested in exploring inner realities, deeper than just the external world of surface form and ordinary three-dimensional space. Her external, representational forms help her ground her abstract concepts, which develop into surreal, psychological realms.

This past year 2017, was a very big year for Sanchez. In January she began painting murals, her first one being in Santurce , Puerto Rico.  This first mural, which she titled “Despierta Boricua” (Wake Up Puerto Rican) had a more of a political tone is a cry for an agricultural awakening on the island in order to transcend the economic crisis that Puerto Rico is currently going through, depicted the economic crisis that Puerto Rico is currently going through. One of her proudest moments was being quoted on a National Geographic article titled, “7 Cities to See Powerful Street Art”. She has made over 7 murals in Columbus, Ohio since “Despierta Borcua”, one of them being at Trism, a restaurant owned by the A&R Creative Group, that is over 1,000 squared feet.