From the moment we are born, each of us is continually absorbing and processing information through our senses. This information varies significantly between us based on biology and experience. These layers of information pile up within, connecting and feeding off each other, and accordingly we develop beliefs, passions, biases, judgments, fears and fixations. Unfortunately, this pile-up of layers creates a tunneled vision, which causes us to ignore, obsess over, and misunderstand information. Every individual interprets the same world differently because each of us filters the world through ourselves, which limits our potential reality.

We are rational, linear beings in search of reason, but our experiences are very limited and therefore our perspective is narrow. We judge people, places and situations based on our own layers. In order for there to be growth within, one must learn to observe through a clear point of view. One must learn to see through these layers, let go of assumptions and judgments, to understand things for what they truly are.