Sound and color operate under similar systems dictated by vibrations or frequencies. Both are embedded with emotional energies that cross all borders of nationality, race and culture. When we hear a song made up of mainly minor chords, we may subconsciously visualize deep, red colors and somber images. When we hear clear, high-pitched sounds, we may imagine a bright indigo light collaged with visions of hopeful possibilities. The energy within music and color has the power to transport us to very subterranean realms, to send us soaring through the wind, or to just keep us feeling grounded and at peace.

The process in which I create these multimedia paintings speaks about the correlations between sound, color and emotions. I produce the sounds first; beginning with simple beats, then layering melodies and harmonies to create an ephemeral, emotive moment. After the melody is completed I listen to it very carefully, which ultimately triggers emotions, colors and forms –- dormant memories. I, then, build the painting, using colors and forms responding to the melody, to end up with an animation that encapsulates my emotions behind the sound. Through this, I explore how emotions translate into sound, and how sounds are interpreted as color, shape and forms.