Guided by my constant questioning of what it means to be human, I am focusing my work on exploring the many faces and layers of the self. Through mixed media paintings that include acrylic, watercolor, digital images, and recorded sounds; I capture and solidify my ever contradicting and evolving states of mind.

With the use of figures, combined with the layering of abstract forms and patterns; I create scenes, atmospheres and situations that mirror my inner reality. By employing deep contrasts between lights and darks, and creating a strong sense of space and time, I transport the viewer into forgotten and hidden realms. I've recently started implementing stop-motion video and sound into my work. I want to engage as many senses as possible when creating these psychological spaces so that the viewers have more of an understanding of where I've transported them. In these pieces, I create a mood, an electric moment. My goal is to reach deep into forgotten moments in my head space and create tangible, unforgettable moments. I believe it is important take a look inside our unconscious mind and address forgotten moments, because within them lie different lessons and pieces of information that we need for continual growth. I want these paintings to trigger memories that lie deep beneath the surface in order to motivate viewers to address and move past their inner barriers, collect their hidden gems, and progress in their journey.

What unites us? Do we have far more similarities than we imagine? I believe one feels a sense of familiarity, standing in front of these paintings, since they are depictions of moments, wonders, struggles, thoughts, states and fantasies that lie in the universal unconscious mind. My work seeks to reflect human identity as a whole, starting from the most basic primal levels.